Twilight Sessions volume 11

by Bing Satellites

I am 28:11
Peace 20:54
Encounter 19:08
Return 18:20
The Beach 06:36
Flying dream 10:02
Tor 17:37
Rubicon 08:39


An album of peaceful ambient music.
Over 2 hours of chilled ambient on double CD or download.

Well, it is finally here. Nearly ten months after volume 10, comes the eleventh volume on the Twilight Sessions series.

Recorded during April and May 2013, the album is a collection of quiet, improvised ambient songs performed on guitar (a fair bit of ebow too), piano and my usual selection of synths.

It is the first Twilight Sessions album to be released on CD. The previous albums will be released on CD over the next few months.

The music is played into a long, slowly decaying loop.

These loops are quite long (often around 90 seconds or more) and with very little rhythm to speak of, it is difficult to know precisely where I am in the loop, so I can add notes and sounds where I see fit, but can never know exactly what I am adding these notes to. Therefore, it must be said that although I am the one making these sounds and creating this music, much of it is down to serendipity.

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released May 29, 2013

all music written, performed and produced by Bing Satellites




Bing Satellites Manchester, UK

Bing Satellites is a prolific ambient shoegaze musician, producer and filmmaker from Manchester, UK.

I also make music under the guises The Lovely Moon, The Ambient Visitor, Kowalski Room, Theta Wave Orchestra, Ethereal Ephemera, Blocker and maybe more...

Currently, I play keyboards in Daniel Land's live band.
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