New Year's Eve 2012 concert live

by Bing Satellites

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Music performed and broadcast live as part of a concert celebrating New Year's Eve and the 10th birthday of

Also included here are sections from two rehearsals for my performance.

The NYE concert featured over 30 artists from around the world all performing live. Over 17 hours of live music.
You can find performances from other artists at

Although I had a set range of sounds to use, my performance was completely improvised.
As my time slot was 11:30pm to midnight GMT, towards the end I started to reflect on the year.
I imagined I would end on a big crescendo but instead finished with a very quiet and warm sound.

Equipment used:
Roland SH-32 synth, Korg TR rack synth, Novation K Station synth,
baritone guitar and pedal board (Behringer SM200 Slow Motion, KenMulti Chorus, Zoom 506 Bass, Behringer Vintage Time Machine, behringer reverb machine, Digitech X series delay, Zoom 507 Reverb, Boss DD-20 gigadelay),
Behringer Reverb Machine (another one) and Boss DD-3 delay through mixer,
Reason and Ableton live


released January 1, 2013

all music written and performed by Bing Satellites




Bing Satellites Manchester, UK

Bing Satellites is a prolific ambient shoegaze musician and producer from Manchester, UK.

I also make music under the guises of The Lovely Moon, The Ambient Visitor and Blocker.

Currently, I am playing keyboards in Daniel Land's new band.

Next release: Twilight Sessions volume 20, 7 January 2017
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