Mostly Ambient Radio Sessions - live 17th October 2012

by Bing Satellites

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Berkdrums Incredible...The amount of albums by Brin is just staggering... And while being an absolute (and only!) CD/Vinyl collector, I HAD to decide to complete my Bing Satellites-collection. And boy, there is another ambient-world to explore for me..., so much different works (and how AMAZING this would be to have on official CD's...), this is just another breathtaking album!


Tracks 2-4 performed and broadcast live on Bing Satellites Mostly Ambient Radio Show on
More info:

1. 16th October 2012 rehearsal

2. 17th October 2012 part 1
part i. 12 tone three
part ii. heaven

3. 17th October 2012 part 2
part i. ...and the underwater music goes on...
part ii. the dark peak
part iii. molasses
part iv. superstrings

4. 17th October 2012 part 3
part i. air
part ii. ghost dance
part iii. birds on water

Track 1 was recorded during rehearsals for this performance.

Much of the music on this album was completely improvised live.
There were, however, live versions of new and old songs.
Track 2 part i is a version of a track from an album of 12 tone music to be published in 2013.
Track 3 parts i, ii & iii can be found, in their original form on
Accidental Music volume one -
Track 3 part iv 'Superstrings' and track 4 part ii 'Ghost Dance' may appear on a future album.

Some of the equipment used:
Baritone guitar and pedal board, Korg TR rack synth, Novation K Station synth, Reason and Ableton Live.


released October 23, 2012

All music written and performed by Bing Satellites




Bing Satellites Manchester, UK

Bing Satellites is a prolific ambient shoegaze musician, producer and filmmaker from Manchester, UK.

I also make music under the guises The Lovely Moon, The Ambient Visitor, Kowalski Room, Theta Wave Orchestra, Blocker and maybe more...

Currently, I play keyboards in Daniel Land's live band.
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